Onboarding Testimonial

“We have a complex WooCommerce product line-up, so we face ever-increasing customer demands. Growing our team’s headcount with experienced, intelligent people alone is not enough to keep up with those demands.

We need new team members to develop expert knowledge of our products… and fast.

We knew a training course would be the most scalable way to help new team members acquire that knowledge. We also knew that we didn’t have the capacity internally to create such a program. That’s why we were so glad to work with Brian to create private training.

Brian worked closely with me at the beginning of the process to design a curriculum that would serve our needs. He then independently took the time to learn the ins-and-outs of our products and create content which met those needs.

I’m not sure there’s anyone else in the world that could have done that.

To do it effectively requires an expert software developer with deep WordPress and WooCommerce knowledge, on top of being an educator specializing in entirely online courses.

We’ve already seen the benefits of our private training with the two new people we’ve had start trial since creating the course move up the learning curve faster than anyone we’ve ever seen.”

Brent Shepherd
CEO of Prospress