Our Process

So, how does it work?

Our process begins with a conversation about your goals for the video. Do you need a full-blown tutorial video, or a brief promo video for your homepage that just highlights the features of your plugin or product? Once we’re clear on the nature of the project and your goals, we’ll move on to the production process:

  1. 1.Set up a fully functional local demo environment. We always work from a local installation to ensure there are no unsightly delays during recording due to Internet speed or server ‘hiccups’. If required, please provide any necessary license key(s) as well as the most current version of the plugin or theme in question.
  2. 2.Collaborate to write a detailed script for your video, based on the key talking points you provide to us. When finished, we’ll have an exact, word-for-word script for the voiceover/narration, plus a detailed description of what’s happening onscreen at each moment. This will help you visualize your video before it is created. Of course, you’ll have the option to review the script and we’ll make revisions until you’re happy.
  3. 3.Record a professional voiceover. We record the narration for your video in our professional, in-house studio. Our voiceover artist, Shawn Hesketh, has recorded vocals for music and screencasts for more than 25 years. His voice is best described as “General North American Male.”
  4. 4.Screen recording. Next, we’ll record visuals and onscreen actions to match the narration in both timing and content. We record onscreen actions in Chrome, using full-screen mode at 1920×1080 pixels (1080p HD resolution). We use the SmoothScroll plugin and precise techniques to ensure onscreen actions and scrolling are smooth, and never jarring for the viewer.
  5. 5.Create an intro and outro. If you already have a video bumper or pre-roll, we’ll add it to the beginning and end of the video(s) at this step. If you don’t already have one, we can create a simple animation of your logo along with any other required text.
  6. 6.Add music. If you’ve already licensed royalty-free music, we’ll add it to the beginning and end of the videos at this point. If you do not already have music for use in video, we’ll find and license royalty free music that is appropriate for your video and audience.
  7. 7.Edit and export the final video! — Time to put all the pieces together! At this stage, we’ll edit the final video(s), adding the voiceover, screen actions, intro/outro, and music. Finally, we’ll export and furnish your video file(s) to you in 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) HD-quality MP4 format for your review.
  8. 8.Revisions? If necessary, we can make minor revisions at this stage. But significant changes to the script, voiceover, or screen actions at this stage will incur additional charges at our regular hourly rate.

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