Gravity Forms

Project: Gravity Forms Tutorials

The purpose of this project is to introduce new users to Gravity Forms and its potential to add complex functionality to their sites by creating contact forms, check out forms, surveys, polls, and more. The goal of these videos is to encourage people to investigate Gravity Forms further, learn more about the product offerings, and then either purchase a license or create their own online demo.

These videos should:

  1. Introduce first-time visitors to the key features and benefits of Gravity Forms,
  2. Provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about getting started with Gravity Forms,
  3. Dispel the myth that Gravity Forms is just for creating simple forms,
  4. Educate new and potential customers on how to use Gravity Forms to create polls, surveys, create
    user accounts, check out forms, mailing lists, and more, and…
  5. Clock in at no more than 3-5 minutes in duration per video.
  1. Project Milestones

  2. Approval of proposal and terms of agreement.Completed: June 6
  3. Receipt of deposit payment.Completed: June 6
  4. Ingredients we need from you before we can begin:
    1. High-resolution logo file: SVG, EPS, or PNG with transparent background.
    2. Any branding guidelines that may apply to the presentation of your logo in these videos.
    3. Background music genre preferences? Feel free to suggest examples!
    4. Select the voice you’d like for your videos! You’ve selected: Joe
  5. Project kick-off call! Completed: July 1
  6. Office closed for Independence Day.July 4-5
  7. Set up local demo site for use in videos.Completed: July 8
  8. Create a playlist of additional options for background music.Completed: July 9
  9. Choose one of the background music selections from the shared playlist. Selected: “Phelix”Completed: July 9
  10. Scripts written and submitted for client review.In Progress: July 9-August 16
    1. How to Install Gravity FormsScript Approved: Aug 6
    2. How to Create a Simple Contact Form with Gravity FormsScript Approved: Aug 6
    3. How to Enable Notifications in Gravity Formsv2 PENDING APPROVAL: Aug 7
    4. How to Enable Confirmations in Gravity FormsPENDING APPROVAL
    5. How to Embed a Gravity FormScript Approved: Aug 6
    6. Conditional Logic in Gravity Formsv2 PENDING REVIEW: Aug 13
    7. How to Create a Mailchimp Email Signup Form in Gravity Formsv3 Script Approved: Aug 8
    8. How to Create a Quiz with Gravity FormsScript Approved: Aug 13
    9. How to Create a Survey with Gravity FormsIN PROGRESS
    10. How to Collect Credit Card Payments with Stripe and Gravity FormsPENDING APPROVAL
    11. How to Create a User Registration Form with Gravity FormsPENDING APPROVAL
    12. Which Gravity Forms Plan is Right for You?TBD
    13. Benefits of the Gravity Forms Elite PlanTBD
  11. Joe Casabona out of town.August 10-18
  12. Joe Casabona to record voice overs from client-approved scripts.IN PROGRESS
  13. Review and Approve Voice Over for Video 1PENDING APPROVAL
  14. Review and Approve Voice Over for Video 2PENDING APPROVAL
  15. Review and Approve Voice Over for Video 7PENDING APPROVAL
  16. Record on-screen actions and edit videos.TBD
  17. Videos complete and furnished to client for review!TBD
  18. Client-requested revisions, if necessary.TBD

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