Project: InVista Videos

The purpose of this project is to create two different videos – one to serve as a product demo for in-person sales opportunities, the other to serve as a promotional overview, showing the benefits of InVista for employers and prospects alike.

These videos should:

  1. Educate and empower key stakeholders and decision makers.
  2. Position InVista as an essential tool in the hiring process and for HR overall.
  3. Convey how effortless the platform is to use for everyone involved.

The overall goal is to help potential customers see and appreciate the value of InVista as quickly as possible. These videos will aid the sales process and reduce the burden presented during in-person demonstrations, aid the conversation while on the tradeshow floor, and even help open the door for deeper conversations (with regards to the tutorial/promo video, specifically).

This proposal covers the full scope of producing both a demo video and promo video.

The demo video will focus on several distinct features of the Connect2Vista platform and each feature will be segmented with chapter markers so that it will be easy to jump to a particular segment. We will produce a variant of this same video with on-screen captions so that a viewer will be able to understand the actions even if no sound is available (e.g. during a tradeshow).

The promo video will demonstrate both the client and candidate experiences at a high level, painting a holistic picture of the overall hiring process rather than focusing on a specific assessment or setup procedure. This video will be comprised of shorter segments that feature different individuals accessing the platform from different devices and in different settings. We want to make it abundantly clear, through this video, that InVista is an effortless platform that is delightful to use.

  1. Project Milestones

  2. Project Brief Submitted.Completed: Thursday, Nov 29, 2018
  3. Signed Terms & Conditions. [Download PDF]Completed: Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018
  4. Deposit Received.Completed: Thursday, Jan 3, 2018
  5. Project kickoff meeting.Completed: Thursday, Jan 17, 11 AM EST
  6. Ingredients requested from PAR, Inc:Target: Monday, Jan 21
    • Sample Demo Videos Delivered: Thursday, Jan 17
    • Audience Personas Delivered: Thursday, Jan 17
    • Current Slide Deck Delivered: Thursday, Jan 17
    • Updated Website Copy Delivered: Friday, Jan 18
    • Brand Guideline Target: Monday, Jan 21
    • Video Talking Points Delivered: Monday, Feb 4
  7. Craig out of town.Dates: Jan 21-25
  8. Product Tour meeting.Completed: Wednesday, Feb 6, 11 AM EST
  9. Scripts submitted for client review (Promo Script | Tutorial Script).Completed: Thursday, Feb 14
  10. Royalty-free music options submitted for client review.Completed: Wednesday, Feb 20
  11. Royalty-free stock footage options submitted for client review.Completed: Wednesday, Feb 20
  12. Brian out of town. Joe assuming lead through Mar 10: joe@101videos.comDates: Feb 22-Mar 8
  13. Scripts approved by client. (Promo Video | Tutorial Video)Completed: Monday, Feb 25
  14. Stock media approved by client.Completed: Wednesday, Feb 27
  15. Sample voice over approved by client. (Download Sample VO)Completed: Wednesday, Feb 27
  16. Promo voice over recorded and mastered.Completed: Monday, Mar 4
  17. Promo video complete and furnished to client for review. (Promo Video)Completed: Tuesday, Mar 5
  18. Client requested rewrite and recut of promo video. Craig will provide final revisions for both scripts.Date: Monday, Mar 11
  19. Script revisions provided by client.Completed: Friday, Mar 22
  20. Sample voice over sent to client (Sample 1 | Sample 2).Completed: Tuesday, Apr 2
  21. New promo video VO approved by client (Sample 2).Completed: Wednesday, Apr 3
  22. Updated promo script approved by client.Completed: Wednesday, Apr 3
  23. Requested additional sample account data from client for use in screen actions. Completed: Thursday, Apr 4
  24. Additional sample account data furnished by client. Completed: Thursday, Apr 11
  25. Promo video re-mastered and furnished to client for review. (Promo Video)Completed: Tuesday, Apr 16
  26. Tutorial voice over recorded and mastered. Completed: Wednesday, Apr 17
  27. Sample tutorial video submitted for client review (Tutorial Video – 60sec Sample). Completed: Monday, Apr 22
  28. Client requested female VO to replace current VO.Date: Thursday, Apr 25
  29. Auditioned 50 female voice actors. Created shortlist of 8 samples for client review (Talent Samples). Completed: Monday, Apr 29
  30. Hired approved voice actor (Lisa). Completed: Tuesday, Apr 30
  31. Received mastered VO from voice actor. Completed: Monday, May 6
  32. Tutorial video completed and furnished to client for review (Tutorial Video). Completed: Wednesday, May 8
  33. Client requested alternate VO recording from voice actor. Began contracting second recording session. Completed: Thursday, May 9
  34. Provided fresh VO sample from voice actor for client review (VO Sample 2). Completed: Monday, May 13
  35. Provided third VO sample from voice actor for client review (VO Sample 3). Completed: Tuesday, May 14
  36. Provided fourth VO sample from voice actor for client review (VO Sample 4). Completed: Thursday, May 16
  37. Provided remastered VO sample with background music (Remastered VO Sample 4). Completed: Friday, May 17
  38. Screen actions approved by client. Completed: Friday, May 17
  39. Voice over approved by client. Completed: Monday, May 20
  40. Re-mastered tutorial video submitted for client review (Final Tutorial Video). Completed: Thursday, May 30
  41. Deliver final, captioned version of tutorial video (Captioned Tutorial Video). Completed: Tuesday, June 4

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