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Project: NextGEN Gallery Print Labs

The purpose of this project is to create two new videos that will educate photographers on how to configure and maximize the benefits of the new Labs integration for NextGEN Gallery. In total, we will produce two videos. The first video will provide a brief, high-level overview of how to start using the Labs integration. The second video will provide a detailed, step-by-step run-through of the set-up process to begin selling prints with automatic lab fulfillment.

These videos should:

  1. Introduce first-time users to the Labs integration,
  2. Clearly articulate the problem Labs addresses,
  3. Provide a concise overview of how to configure this new functionality,
  4. Encourage viewers to start using the Labs features, and
  5. Clock in at less than 3:00 for the overview video and 5:00 for the second video.

Scope of work:

This project includes the creation of two (2) videos described below. Erick has acknowledged that the subject matter may necessitate the creation of additional videos. That determination will be made during the scriptwriting phase for the second video. If additional videos are required, those videos will be produced under a separate proposal as a new project.

  • Selling Photos with NextGEN Gallery: Overview — An overview video, 3 minutes or less, to provide a brief, high-level overview of how to begin using the Labs integration. Should quickly demonstrate the goal (create galleries where customers can purchase fulfilled prints) and provide a ‘drive-by’ of the steps a person needs to follow to get there.
  • Selling Photos with NextGEN Gallery: Complete Setup – 5 minutes or less, to cover the checklist, wizard, and full setup:
    • General Options
    • Payment Gateway
    • Lab Integration
    • Gallery Option
    • Creating a Pricelist
    • Adding a Gallery
  • In addition to these two new videos, we’ve also included time to update the existing ‘NextGEN Gallery Overview’ video so that we can demonstrate the plugin’s use inside the new Gutenberg editor.
  1. Project Milestones

  2. Approval of proposal, terms & conditions.Completed: March 5
  3. Receipt of deposit payment.Completed: March 13
  4. Client-requested hold for rebranding.Completed: April 2
  5. Approval of increased budget ($1,125 total) to update the original Overview video.Completed: April 4
  6. Overview video updated and furnished to client! [Review Page]Completed: April 5
  7. Client-requested hold for new plugin betas.Completed: April 30
  8. Project kick-off call!May 21, 12PM CST
  9. Ingredients we need from you before we can begin:Completed: May 21
    1. High-resolution PNG file of logo.
    2. Updated NextGEN Gallery plugin:
    3. Updated NextGEN Pro plugin:
    4. Background music: Same as NGG Overview video
    5. Same demo site environment.
  10. Set up local demo site.Completed: May 24
  11. Script for Complete Setup video submitted for review.Approved: June 14
  12. Record voice over from client-approved script.Completed: June 14
  13. Complete Setup video complete and furnished to client for review. [Review Page]Completed: June 14
  14. Client approved video, with no changes.June 19
  15. Shawn out of town.Dates: June 17-21
  16. v1.0 of Intro video script submitted for client review.June 27
  17. v2.0 of Intro video script submitted for client review.Pending Approval since July 2
  18. 101Videos closed for Independence Day.July 4-5
  19. Record voice over from client-approved script.TBD
  20. Overview video complete and furnished to client for review.TBD
  21. Client-requested revisions, if necessary.TBD
  22. Intro video complete and furnished to client!TBD

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