Project Roadmap Template

Project: Name of Project

The purpose of this project is to…

These videos should:

  1. Introduce first-time visitors to the key features and benefits of…
  2. Provide answers to the most frequently asked questions by new users of…
  3. Alleviate some of the load on …’s support staff, and
  4. Average 3-5 minutes in duration for tutorial videos, 90-120 seconds for the intro video.
  1. Project Milestones

  2. Approval of proposal, terms & conditions.Completed: DATE
  3. Receipt of deposit payment.Completed: DATE
  4. Project kick-off call! [Zoom Meeting Link]DATE
  5. Ingredients we need from you before we can begin:Target: ASAP
    1. High-resolution logo file.
    2. License keys, if applicable.
    3. Music genre preferences?
    4. Stock footage guidance?
    5. Primary talking points?
  6. Set up local demo site.Target: TBD
  7. Script submitted for client review.Target: TBD
  8. Background music selection: View Playlist and Listen to Selections →Target: TBD
  9. Client Approval of Script: Review script on Google Docs →Target: TBD
  10. Research and license stock footage for use in video.Target: TBD
  11. Record voice over from client-approved script.Target: TBD
  12. Create intro/outro, and license music.Target: TBD
  13. Video complete and furnished to client for review.Target: TBD
  14. Client-requested revisions, if necessary.Target: TBD
  15. Final video complete and furnished to client!Target: TBD

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