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Project: WP Rocket Videos [Complete]

The purpose of this project is to create a series of brief tutorial videos that will assist WP Rocket customers with the most popular questions and technical issues encountered during onboarding. Additionally, we will create an introductory video that will introduce WP Rocket to new and potential customers.

These videos should:

  1. Introduce first-time visitors to the key features and benefits of WP Rocket,
  2. Provide answers to the most frequently asked questions by new users of WP Rocket,
  3. Alleviate some of the load on WP Rocket’s support staff, and
  4. Clock in between 3-5 minutes in length for tutorial videos, 90-120 seconds for the intro video.
  1. Project Milestones

  2. Approval of proposal, terms & conditions.Completed: April 1, 2019
  3. Receipt of deposit payment.Completed: April 5, 2019
  4. Project Kick-off Call! [Zoom Meeting Link]Tuesday, April 23
  5. Client-Furnished IngredientsCompleted: April 24
    1. High-resolution logo file. [Download PNG]
    2. Coupon code to acquire license keys for up to six (6) sites.
    3. Music genre preferences? Electronic, similar to this example.
    4. Stock footage guidance? “We’d like to represent two of our buyer personas: Jennifer, who is a Freelance Web Developer and makes WordPress sites for her clients. She has good technical knowledge of WordPress and of web performance basics. And Mark, who runs an online store selling sporting equipment. Running the e-commerce and boosting its performance is his full time job.”
    5. Primary talking points for the Intro Video? “Why choose WP Rocket?” — “With page speed being an SEO ranking factor, the faster your website loads, the more Google and your visitors will love it. WP Rocket is going to make your site load blazing fast with just a few clicks: even without any option enabled, it will automatically apply the 80% of web performance best practices, right upon activation. Forget difficult configurations, and switch to our user-friendly, powerful plugin! For any questions, you can count on our friendly Support Rocketeers: they love web performance and helping others.”
  6. Set up local demo site.Completed: April 29
  7. Intro Video script submitted for client review.Completed: April 30
  8. Client Selection of Music: Fresh for the SummerCompleted: May 13
  9. Client Approval of Intro Video Script: Review script on Google Docs →Completed: May 15
  10. Record voice over from client-approved script.Completed: May 15
  11. Review and approve the voice over and music!Completed: May 17
  12. Research and license stock footage for use in video.Completed: May 16
  13. Review and approve the footage for “Jennifer” [View Lightbox]Completed: May 23
  14. Intro Video complete and furnished to client for review.Completed: May 23
  15. Review v1 of the Intro VideoRevisions Requested: May 27
  16. Client-requested revisions.Completed: May 29
  17. Review v2 of the Intro VideoReviewed: June 3
  18. Review v3 of the Intro VideoRevisions Requested: June 3
  19. Approve additional cost of $187.50 for next round of revisions.Approved: June 6
  20. Client-requested revisions complete.Completed: June 10
  21. Final Intro Video delivered!Completed: June 10
  22. Approved v4 of the Intro Video [Review Page for v4]Accepted: June 12
  23. Shawn and Kay out of town!Dates: June 17-21
  24. Scripts for remaining nine (9) tutorial videos provided by WP Rocket.Completed: May 29 – July 9
  25. 101Videos closed for Independence DayDates: July 4-5
  26. Kay recording voice overs from client-furnished scripts.Completed: July 10
  27. Remaining nine (9) videos complete and furnished to client for review.Completed: August 5
    1. 1. Getting Started with WP Rocket (Video Review Page →)v2 Approved: Aug 6
    2. 2. The Best Settings to Optimize Your Site (Video Review Page →)Approved: Aug 2
    3. 3. How to Check if WP Rocket is Caching Your Site (Video Review Page →)v2 Approved: Aug 13: Aug 9
    4. 4. Troubleshooting Display Issues (Video Review Page →)Approved: Aug 6
    5. 5. How to Measure the Speed of Your Site (Video Review Page →)v2 Approved: Aug 13
    6. 6. How to Set Up the Cloudflare Add-on (Video Review Page →)Approved: Aug 8
    7. 7. How Preloading Works (Video Review Page →)Approved: Aug 8
    8. 8. How to Find the Right JavaScript to Exclude (Video Review Page →)v2 Approved: Aug 13
    9. 9. Why External Content Slows Your Site (Video Review Page →)v2 Approved: Aug 13
  28. Client-requested revisions.Completed: Aug 9
  29. Final payment received, authorizing delivery and usage of the final video files!Received: August 21

Need to get in touch?

If you have any questions at any time, feel free to email: shawn@101videos.com