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We record, mix, and master voice-overs in our own professional in-house studio. This gives us the best control over the final product, and enables us to quickly make changes without having to wait several days for outside talent to respond. Our team has voiced hundreds of training videos and we have years of experience in professional audio production. So, check out the samples below, and then let us know which voice actor you’d like for your videos.

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Listen to each of the audio samples below, and then let us know which voice actor you’d like for your videos!

Shawn Hesketh, Founder of 101Videos


Our Founder, Shawn Hesketh, voices the narration for most videos we produce. Over the past 20 years, Shawn has performed voice-overs for hundreds of commercial projects. His voice is best described as general, non-region-specific, North American male. His style ranges from warm, conversational, educational, informative, friendly, genuine, authentic, believable, sincere, casual, and approachable to corporate, professional, and promotional.



Kay has decades of training and experience as a professional singer and vocal artist. Her voice is best described as approachable, articulate, authentic, best friend, calming, caring, conversational, educational, genuine, helpful, informative, intelligent, knowledgeable, motherly, personable, professional, relatable, sincere, thoughtful, trustworthy, uplifting, and warm.

Carrie Dils


Carrie is a freelancer coach, WordPress developer, and consultant. She’s created dozens of online courses for Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning), and blogs regularly about WordPress and the business of freelancing at CarrieDils.com. Her voice is best described as encouraging, warm, helpful, casual, best friend, conversational, personable, relatable, sincere, thoughtful, and uplifting.

Can’t find the right voice for your project?

Not a problem. If our in-house talent is not a fit for your project, you’re more than welcome to provide your own voice-over. After we complete the script, you can hire an outside voice actor to record the narration, then provide the final audio file back to us.

There are a few trade-offs to consider. You’ll pay a bit more, it’ll take a few days longer for each video, and you’ll need to re-hire the same voice talent for any changes down the road. But, these may be worthwhile trade-offs to get the perfect voice for your project.

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